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      • Ulyx, the new underwater vehicle for deep-sea exploration

      • The French Oceanographic Fleet, operated by Ifremer, is acquiring a new robot capable of diving to a depth of 6,000 m, a truly "tailor-made" machine at the service of ocean sciences.
      • The Ulyx submarine

        Only 3 other countries have such a robot

        This 4.5 metre autonomous underwater robot will be able to carry out dives with no physical link to the surface vessel with an autonomy of 24 to 48 hours. Its vocation is therefore to explore the deep and prepare the dives of the other craft of the Fleet.
        Ulyx stands out from its Japanese, American and British counterparts by its navigational performance and an unprecedented level of equipment which represents a real technological breakthrough in the exploration of the abyss.
        Among these new features is a multi-scale observation capacity: it can both see from afar and study up close thanks to a high-resolution camera. It is equipped with acoustic mapping equipment for large-scale observation, such as the multibeam echosounder, the SAS (Synthetic Aperture Sonar) imaging sonar and the sediment sounder.
        It also has a set of sensors for measuring physical and chemical water parameters, methane or oxygen concentrations, acidity, etc. and for detecting magnetic field anomalies.
        After a test and qualification phase. Ulyx will be at the service of ocean sciences during the year 2022.

        Find the AUV UlyX on the portal of marine research infrastructures and facilities

        This new equipment thus completes the underwater set of equipment of the French Oceanographic Fleet, a national research infrastructure operated by Ifremer and which brings together all the French naval resources belonging to the four founding organisations (CNRS, Ifremer, IPEV, IRD).

        The services offered by the Fleet to academia and industry are presented in the portal of marine research infrastructures and facilites.

      • Published on 28/10/2020
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