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      • TOU07 - Sea sentinel

          • This project has 2 aims.

            One is to make every boats a scientific station that collect data from the sea as pollution, temperature, acidity and so on. 
            How? A device will be attached to the hull and will embed some sensors to analyze the sea health. One part of the device will be underwater and the other part the antenna above the sea to send the data collected.

            It’s more than 50 000 commercial boats every year that navigate plus the fishing boats, pleasure boats and so on... Today those boats go through the sea but none of them knows how the sea health is on its road. So why not use them as a sea sentinel.

            The second aim is to reduce the acidity issue on the ocean by helping to collect CO2 and transform this CO2 into O2 and energy. And again, why not use all the boats that are navigating on the sea as a collector. The CO2 collected and transformed into energy will be used by boat. 
            So the idea is to make all boats not to be only a vessel that we are using to cross the water but a sea sentinel and a CO2 collector that produces energy.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • I would like to work on the data that are essentials to collect from the device that analyzes the water or work on ideas inspired by the sea mechanisms to collect the CO2.
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Marine biologist working on biomimicry
            Data analyst
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