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      • SPL07 - Use of automatic speech recognition on ships to improve safety of navigation when hand steering

          • At open sea, ships mostly sail with autopilot turned on, but to enter the port or pass-through narrow channels the ship must go to hand steering. Maritime pilot embarks the ship and steering is conducted by a helmsman via verbal helm orders (so called Manual mode of steering).

            All orders and instructions regarding the safe operation of the vessel must be done using closed loop communication technique to avoid misunderstandings. 

            Most obvious problem is that closed loop communication does not prevent a helmsman putting the rudder over the wrong way. Therefore, the monitoring of the execution of the order remains of paramount importance. 

            Problem is well described in interview with a captain: "I follow every pilot’s helm order and helmsman response, and several times it happened that because of a misunderstanding between the pilot and helmsman, I had to jump and grab the helm to avoid ship grounding. Such a situation can also occur because of a simple misinterpretation, someone hears the wrong figure, and everything goes wrong in the second."

            Solution: Helm Order Monitor (patent pending) uses the automatic speech recognition and, according to the maritime rules and regulations combined with data received from ship's sensors, monitors whether issued helm orders are clear, confirmed and correctly executed.

            Through NMEA 0813 protocol, Helm Order Monitor connects to five sensors: date and time, speed, course, rudder angle and rate of turn.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • Working model of automatic speech recognition for helm orders with simulated NMEA 0813 sensor signals dependency.
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • IT developer
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