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      • CHA02 - CHAMP'HYDRO

          • CHAMP'Hydro is a bioinspired solution in two steps:

            1. the ecological cleaning of waters polluted by hydrocarbons,
            2. the recycling of these materials.

            After oil spills, the pollution from hydrocarbons is managed by burning or chemical treatment of the oil slick. These solutions generate pollution and damage the surrounding fauna and flora. Champ’Hydro brings an ecological and bioinspired solution in two steps to clean waters polluted with hydrocarbons.

            First of all, hydrocarbons are removed from water through an absorption process based on plants. Afterthat, the second step is the recycling of these materials thanks to microorganisms and specific fungi stains. Thus, there is no pollution and the product of degradation from the second step can be reused as fertilizer. This process applies to oil spills but also to any kind of water polluted by hydrocarbons : port waters, maturation ponds, water collecting tanks in airports, highways, garages,...

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • Over the 48h, we would like to develop a map of all the potential customers and sites of water to clean.
            We would like to develop a map of all the potential customers in the oceans and seas in the world (ports, oilfields, ...) that could require our help for water cleaning. This would allow us to measure the potential needs of our solution, thus to evaluate important data for our start-up (storage required, stock size,...).
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Data analyst
            IT developer
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