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      • BRE10 - Data analysis and visualization for submarine buried objects thru sedimentary sounders

          • Detection of submarine buried objects at the seabed sedimentary level is attracting many industries in the maritime business. We could think of telecommunication operators for submarine cables, harbour layout professionals brefore starting works, and maritime authorities to ensure navigation safety. SBP (Sub Bottom Profilers) sounders allow to sound the superior layer on a reduced-depth of the seabed (thru approx. 10 kHz frequencies). The objective is then to locate accurately the buried object in that volume. Some sounders allow complementarily to sound thru a secondary higher frequency at some other depth levels.

            The challenge that is proposed is to work on this bi-frequencies data (provided), acquired thru those sounders, to propose a new processing technique and vizualisation allowing an operator when detecting those submarine buried objects. An intuitive HMI would allow to not only represent echograms of those frequencies, but would guide the operator thru any other information that would lead to hight the existence and lcoation of those objects.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • A software to guide the operators to detect and locate submarine buried objects (either offline based on the data, or online during live experiment)
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Software programming
            Data processing
            Data analysis
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