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      • Tidal Stream Supply Chain – Meet the Buyer UK webinar

      • 15 juin 2021

      • Online

      • Evénement d'intérêt pour le Campus
      • Tidal Stream Supply Chain – Meet the Buyer UK webinar
        Mardi 15 juin 2021 de 10h30 à 12h (heure de Paris)
        En ligne
      • Tidal Stream Supply Chain – Meet the Buyer UK webinar
      • Tidal Stream Supply Chain “Meet the Buyer” French webinar: Developers share project plans and opportunities across six French and UK sites.

        Two supply chain webinars are planned on the 10th and 15th June where project and technology developers from tidal stream sites across the Channel in France and the UK will share the details of their forthcoming development and procurement plans.


        The 90-minute webinars will include introductory presentations from developers highlighting regional cross channel supply chain opportunities across the TIGER tidal stream sites. This includes a range of different site conditions and technologies with a range of different emerging needs. Participants are encouraged to sign up to both events which will be streamed simultaneously in French and English.


        • TIGER introduction & event objectives: Teo van der Kammen, ORE Catapult
        • Ramsey Sound Project: Sue Barr, Cambrian Offshore SW
        • Yarmouth Harbour Tidal test site: Keith Murray, QED Naval
        • Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC): Mark Francis/Rob Stevens &  Matthew Storey, EMEC


        Why should I attend?

        The presentations from developers will include details of project timelines, specifics as to the technologies deployed, and a variety of marine and onshore supply chain opportunities both current and future. These webinars are aimed at wide range of potential companies from small local suppliers providing for example craneage and transfer vessels up to and including large steel fabricators, marine operations and a wide range of civil engineering opportunities with varying scales of contract values.

      • Publié le 17/05/2021
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